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Netbook versus Tablet

by Larisa Dawn

I Write, Therefore I Am T-shirts and GiftsWhether you are a full-time author or dabble in your spare time in fan fiction, a netbook or tablet can do wonders for your productivity when you are on the go. If you have been trying to decide which would be best for you, then consider yourself lucky! That is exactly what I plan to type about today. Having used both, I do know some of the pros and cons to each. Not all of them, of course, but I believe I can assist you in making the decision that best suits you.

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Phases of the Moon Update

There are now 7 chapters online for the popular Twilight Saga/New Moon-related fanfiction book¬† Phases of the Moon. (There’s already the infamous “cliff jumping” incident involved and Team Jacob fans will be happy to hear that the “L”-word has shown up on occasion! If you’re curious whether or not college — or perhaps even another prom — will be a part of Bella’s future, you’ll want to read Phases of the Moon.

Phases of the Moon fans now also have a FaceBook Fan Page.

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